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Welcome to the Goddard Family History website. This site is dedicated to one particular family, the Goddard’s of Brentford Middlesex, to their descendants and to their families. The Goddard’s moved into Brentford area in the early 19th century, although other Goddard’s had been living there since as early as the 17th century, no evidence has been uncovered as of now to suggest that they were ever related to one and other. The Goddard’s became a prominent family name in the Brentford, Ealing and Isleworth area, marrying into the families of the CLARKE; CLUTTERBUCK; DAVIS; DRYDEN; ELMS; EVERETT; GOLDING; MOAKES; SMITH; TIMBERLAKE; TOE; WARD; WILTON; WRIGHT and YOUNGS to name but a few, with their descendants moving from Middlesex to live in the counties of Berkshire; Buckinghamshire; Essex; Kent; Surrey and beyond, and emigrating to the countries of Australia and Canada.   


When completed the database will contain over a thousand individuals and more than 160 unique surnames, currently at a 166. The database contains personal records, census, parish records, BMD index’s and much more.

I hope you find the contents of this site useful; although every effort has been made to ensure the authenticity of the contents, there are no guarantees and other sources should be referenced. There is no fee or logon required to view the information available.


The Brentford Gas Works, closed in 1963, where some of the Goddard’s, Elms and Smith’s worked as did many others from families living in the surrounding area.

The original St. George’s Church in Old Brentford, built in the 1760’s. It was demolished in 1886 and replaced by the present building in 1887. Where some Goddard’s were baptised  and a few are buried .

Distillery Road 1953; The Smith family lived at No 7

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